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  1. Storm 0.17 is out in the world!

    Fri 06 August 2010

    Yesterday I released version 0.17 of Storm. This release fixes a checkpointing bug that could cause coherency issues in certain situations involving triggers. It introduces a handful of new features and optimizations including the ability to get a Select expression from a ResultSet, which is useful when building a ...

  2. Object collections in Storm

    Sun 13 June 2010

    In Storm, the Store.find method runs a query and returns matching objects. Finding all accounts in the database, the equivalent of SELECT * FROM account, is simple:

    result = store.find(Account)

    Clauses to limit the scope of the query can be passed to find. Finding all accounts owned by Vince ...

  3. Using SQL functions with Storm

    Thu 08 April 2010

    People ask me questions about Storm several times a week, and I'm happy to help where I can, but it would be better if the information our users need was easier to find. Our documentation story is weak and, as a result, Storm is harder to discover than it ...

  4. Talking about Storm

    Wed 02 December 2009

    Today I gave a talk about Storm to the fine folks that make up the local Python users group. I think the talk went alright. It wasn't awesome but I don't think it was terrible either. It's the third public talk I've given, pretty much ever ...

  5. Storm 0.16 hot off the presses!

    Sun 29 November 2009

    Yesterday I released version 0.16 of Storm. This release fixes some memory leaks and introduces a handful of new features. The number of changes since 0.15 aren't vast, but we're trying to get into the habit of releasing regularly, so hopefully this will become a trend ...