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Posted Sun 03 October 2010

Beautiful emacs configuration

UPDATE I've moved my emacs configuration to GitHub.

Some time ago during a sprint, I noticed that Free Ekanayaka, one of my Landscape teammates, had excellent pyflakes/flymake integration that dramatically improved the experience of editing Python files in emacs. When I asked him about it he kindly offered to share his configuration and I was excited to pick out the flymake settings he had. When I actually looked at what he'd sent me I was blown away. He has the most elegant emacs configuration I've ever seen. He uses a simple pattern composed of individual configuration files, each focused on a particular set of customizations such as appearance, interaction, programming, etc. that are all wired up to create the final result. It's very clean and avoids the blob-of-crap problem that most emacs configuration suffers from.

This evening I finally took his ideas and refactored them to match my emacs setup. The structure is the same, but the details are, in some cases, quite different. I'm managing the configuration with Bazaar and have pushed it to Launchpad at lp:~jkakar/+junk/emacs. Hopefully others will find this as inspiring as I have.

Tags: emacs