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Posted Fri 06 August 2010

Storm 0.17 is out in the world!

Yesterday I released version 0.17 of Storm. This release fixes a checkpointing bug that could cause coherency issues in certain situations involving triggers. It introduces a handful of new features and optimizations including the ability to get a Select expression from a ResultSet, which is useful when building a query with a subselect. It also includes safety checks to ensure that a Store is only used when database access is expected and only from the thread in which it was created. The release notes have detailed information about the changes along with links to the MD5 sum and GPG signature for the tarball. I've also built official packages for Ubuntu users, available in the Storm PPA.

We're always interested in hearing about your experiences with Storm. If you have comments or questions please feel free to hop into #storm on Freenode and talk to us, or post a message on the mailing list.

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