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Posted Sat 12 June 2010

Introducing Commandant

I've been meaning to write about Commandant for ages. I started it last year because I wanted to write command driven applications with a user experience just like Bazaar. There are several things that I like about Bazaar's user interface:

I wanted, as much as possible, to start writing application logic without having to do much work to get a working user interface. With that in mind, the basic goal for Commandant is to provide a Bazaar-like user interface with the least effort possible. I started by trying to extend Bazaar but I ran into tricky integration problems that made it hard to make progress, so I switched gears and started implementing the logic from scratch. Reinventing the wheel got me further than trying to integrate, but I quickly reached a point where progress slowed down because I had to deal with tricky problems that Bazaar had already solved. In the meantime, Robert landed changes in Bazaar that removed the integration hurdles that I'd run into.

With the integration problems out of the way, I stopped wasting time reinventing the wheel, and Commandant is now a thin layer on top of bzrlib itself. Being able to take advantage of the work that has been done in Bazaar has been a blessing. There's more that can be done to improve Commandant, but it is very usable in its current state. If you're interested in learning more, the README file should get you started.

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